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Health care is normally considered as a significant factor in ensuring the general well being and health of people all over the world. The accessibility to health care differs across nations, individuals, and groups, mostly inclined to societal and fiscal situations and the health strategies in place. It can also shape a big part of the nation’s financial wealth. Healthcare services can be administered either privately or publicly.


The provision of the day to day health care depends upon groups of skilled medical professionals who work mutually as interdisciplinary teams. They include professionals in nursing, dentistry, medicine and related health, as well as several others such as assistant personnel, community health personnel and public health practitioners.


Health care professionals are normally set into four main fields:


  1. Medical- this field comprises of general practitioners and specialists like physicians, pharmacists, physiotherapists and others.
  2. Nursing- this comprises of various professional identities like registered nurses, practitioner nurses and others.
  3. Dentistry- comprised of dental hygiene, dental assistants, dental therapists, dental technicians. They all contribute in dental health services.
  4. Health professions- they include pharmacists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, radiographers, and many more health specialists.


Health care professionals provide various health care services, and they include:


Primary care services.

These are health care services provided significantly in the various communities. In this case health care professionals will be the first to be consulted by all patients in their health care unit. They include primary care physicians like family physicians, nurse practitioners, general practitioners and others. Since primary care health professionals are the first point of consultation, they are usually equipped with broad information in many areas of the medical field. Primary care is characterized by continuous patient care.


Secondary care services.

These are health care services administered by medical expertise and other health professionals who usually don’t attend to patients at the first stage such as urologists, dermatologists and cardiologists. These services include acute care in a hospital, expertise attendance to intensive care childbirth and medical representation services. Nevertheless many health care professionals at the secondary care level do not necessarily have to work in hospitals. Secondary care is mostly associated with referrals from primary care.


Tertiary care services.

These are normally specialized consultative services. Generally they are always for inpatients with referrals from primary and secondary levels to a facility with personnel and high tech medical facilities such as tertiary referral hospitals.


Quaternary care services.

These services are almost similar to the tertiary ones. They are just an addition to tertiary care with an advanced level of medication that is special and less accessible. The services may include unusual diagnostic and surgical processes and experimental medication. These services are offered in limited health care centers.


Home and Community care services.

These services calls for involvement of public health concern such as needle exchange programs, food safety watch to the community. There are also professional services in residential and community to encourage self care, long term care, home care, assisted living and treatment among other social and health care services.


Urgent care services.

These are provided by health care professionals on the same day the patient booked an appointment with the doctor or by a walk in basis.


All these professionals analytically offer private and public curative, preventive, rehabilitative health and promotional care services to families, individuals and communities. These services are administered in different heath facilities such as hospitals, primary care centers, clinics and other delivery places also in research centers, training centers and administration.


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